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Pulse-watch | Built-in data storage | UV-protection
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Pulzit coach Training tips Get buffer than Buffy with the Pulzit coach
Heart rate training Pulse measurement has been used for a long time by athletes and scientists to measure heart rate during and after exercise. Now Pulzit is releasing its innovative sport glasses with built in heart rate monitor. The biggest benefit of our product is that the user can use both arms during exercise and still keep track of the pulse.
Exercise Heart Rate For a first time user of heart rate monitoring there can be some confusion. The first thing to do is to determinate your rest heart rate and your max heart rate and then determinate your zones. Normally athletes split their working exercise heart rate into 4 zones and by them plan their pace training.
HRM Training By using a monitor during your exercise you can decide exactly at what level and endurance you will preform your training for the day and not just guess your heart rate. By using HRM you will learn to know your threshold level and it will be easy during exercise to keep a pace that will last all the way to the finish.
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