Q: Where can I try the glasses before purchase?

A: While we are introducing the glasses to the market they are only available online in our webshop. However, they can soon be viewed and bought in sport shops.

Q: How long does the battery last and is it rechargeable?

A: The battery lasts for 3,5 hours and you can recharge it using an USB cable or a net adaptor. All the attchments you need to recharge your glasses are included in the kit.

Q: How do I use the recording funcion and what is recorded?

A: When you start the stopwatch, the duration of the exercise and your pulse is recorded. When you stop the watch you will get the information in form of a file which you can upload to Pulzit statistic.

Q: Can I change between shaded glasses and transparent glasses?

A: You get both shaded and transparent glasses with the Pulzit glasses kit. This makes it possible for you to use your glasses both day and night time. You can also buy additional colors for your glasses in our web shop.

Q: What if I am not happy with my purchase?

A: We offer a full refund within 30 days, just make sure you keep your reciept and please be gentle with the glasses when you try them on. Read more under “warranty policy”.

Q: Can I adjustthe optic unit?

A: You can adjust the optic unit 12 degrees in- and outwards. Product testing invovling several hundred test-subjects confirm that the menu screen of the Pulzit glasses can be adjusted to fit the requirements of the user.

Q: In the settings menu I can choose to add my maximum heart rate, why?

A: When you add your maximum heart rate, the software in the Pulzit glasses will calculate the percentage of your maximum heart rate during your excercise. This function is useful when training in a Surety Zone. Read more about zones under Pulzit coach training tips.

Q: Can I change between the menus during my exercise?

A: Yes, by pressing the first button on the left hand side of the glasses you can skip beteween the five menus.

Q: Will the screen cover any of my visual field?

A: Yes and no. When you look at the screen located next to your right eye, your left eye compensates the loss of vision caused by the optic unit. You can do a simple test by putting your finger close to your right eye and you will see you can almost “see through” your finger. The brain compensates the loss of vision of your right eye with the vision from your left eye.

Q: Can I use my glasses even though it is cold outside?

A: You can use your Pulzit glasses regardless weather conditions, just make sure you do not leave them out in the cold, for example in a cold car, before using them. You can read more about battery time and temperatures under Technology.

Q: How do I get started with the Pulzit statistic app?

A: The Pulzit statistic app is a free tool to follow up the progress of your training. You can simply sign in with Facebook or Twitter or sign up to get a username using your e-mail adress.

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