If you are in any of the following conditions, contact a doctor before you decide to start to exercise.

1.High blood pressure

2.Issues with breathing

3.Recently been through treatment for any disease

4.Using a pacemaker

5.If you are a smoker

6.If you are pregnant

7.If you have any symptoms of illness

Do not use the Pulzit exercise glasses when you are operating a motor vehicle, while swimming or when you are  around children or pets.

Watching the display - Do not look at the display screen for more than two seconds at the time since you may miss obstacles or objects around you which can lead to an accident.

The optic unit causes blind spots –  Even if the optic unit is placed in the right hand corner, it covers a few percent of your vision field. Always exercise in a known environment and be careful.

Disturbing of signal - Some electronic equipment and motor vehicles may disturb the signal between the pulse belt and the glasses. If you experience unusual values, try to move out from the zone, away from the disturbing object.

The Pulzit 1.0 sports glasses are standard electronic class - This means that they can handle humidity and light rain. Do not use the Pulzit glasses during heavy rain or when you swim. If the glasses have been exposed to wet conditions, switch them off immediately and place them in a warm and dry environment.

Cold weather - If you are exercising when it is cold outside (below 0 °C) keep your Pulzit exercise glasses in a warm place and switch them on just before you go out. Never keep them in a cold place before you use them!

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