The Pulzit exercise glasses

The Pulzit exercise glasses – the best from two worlds. High quality sports glasses and heart rate monitor in one! This patent protected product is made possible due to the latest display technology, LCOS chip (Liquid Crystal On Silicon). Since the display is positioned so close to the eye it is like looking at a forty inch TV at a distance of one metre without disturbing the field of vision.


The display unit is positioned on the upper right corner without disturbing your field of vision. With a quick look at the screen you will know your heart rate or for how long you have been exercising for. By adjusting the display unit inwards or out up to 12 degrees, you can easily find the right angle for you.


The Pulzit exercise glasses allow you to choose from six different functions. Five of them to use during the exercise and one for settings. By pressing the first button you choose between the menus.

1. The first function shows your heart rate and the percentate of your maximum heart rate

2. The second function shows the stopwatch and heart rate

3. The third function shows the percentate of your maximum heart rate and the stopwatch

4. Fourth shows current time and heart rate

5. Fifth shows current time and the percentate of your maximum heart rate

6. The sixth function is the settings menu, current time, date and your maximum heart rate


Just click in and out easily and use a glass according to the condition outside when you exercise. Choose from a sun-glass, a transparent glass, a yellow glass or a polarized glass.


You turn the device on and off on the button on the right hand side. There are also three buttons on the left hand side. Use the first button to choose a function. The second button will start and stop your stopwatch (in settings: move cursor). On the third button you can skip numbers in settings.

Memory card & USB port

A 2GB TF card is included in the kit so you can record your exercise data. The memory card is easily installed in the card reader of the glasses. The recording of the exercise begins when you start the stopwatch and ends when you stop it. The recording can then simply be transfered to your computer using an USB cable.

Included in package

Pulzit exercise glasses

1 pcs sun glass

1 pcs transparent glass

1 pcs USB charger and cable

1 pcs pulse belt

1 pcs TF card (2 GB memory)

1 pcs cleaning cloth

1 pcs instruction book (english and swedish)

Statistics online

With Pulzit Stats you can easily upload you exercise files from your glasses to analyse your training. You can follow your progress day by day, weekly or monthly – or why not challenge a friend via Facebook? It has never been easier, more fun and interesting to exercise – using Pulzit as the perfect tool .

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