How to benefit from Pulzit


To benefit the most from your Pulzit sports glasses you need to know some basics about how you body works during exercise. For example your maximum and resting heart rate. You can learn more about this at Pulzit Quick basic learning.

The Pulzit sports glasses is the perfect tool during all fitness sports since they combine a heart rate monitor and sports glasses in one. It does not make a difference if you are out walking on a sunny day to burn fat or country skiing at an elite level, everyone can benefit from Pulzit.

Pulzit is designed to work in every kind of weather and light conditions thanks to the patent protected optic unit positioned in the right hand corner of the glasses. The design allows you to adjust the angle so it fits you perfectly and you can choose between five different menus.

Each menu shows different exercise data so you can select the one that fits you the best during the exercise of your choice. You can change menu during your exercise by simply pressing a button on the left hand side of the glasses.

The Pulzit sports glasses record your exercise data and you can download it to the Pulzit app to analyse and follow up your results. Or why not challenge your friends via Facebook or Twitter?

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