The Story


The idea behind the Pulzit glasses came to me one night when I was out country skiing. I always try to keep an eye on my heart rate during my exercises and to do so I usually wear a watch with a built in heart rate monitor. A watch can be useful in sports where you have at least one arm free to check your heart rate. The problem appears when you are practicing a sport using both arms throughout the exercise, for example country skiing, and therefore need to stop to check your heart rate or the time.

On that particular evening I pushed myself really hard and when I got to the top of a hill I believed I had reached my maximum heart rate. I tried to get my watch out from under my clothes to find out if I was right and when I finally did it proved hard to find enough light to see what it said. Not only did my heart rate go down during the time I had to stop, a few skiers even passed me.

At that point my thoughts started to wander. How can I avoid this happening again? I thought of everything from transforming myself into a cyborg to contact lenses that can keep useful information. The idea of converting myself into a cyborg did not seem entirely safe or painless and how would the contact lenses receive data? I needed something else, something discrete, nice looking and that people are familiar with. Then it came to me, sports glasses with an optic unit!

I drew some sketches and worked out how the glasses would work. After working on my idea for a while I thought the idea was so brilliant that I needed to apply for a patent to protect it. Said and done.

Today, almost two years since my appifiny, the brand Pulzit is born. Pulzit is not just glasses, it´s a concept. Apart from the glasses we have also developed the Pulzit Statistics which is the perfect tool to follow up the progress of your training.

I hope you will find the Pulzit package helpful in your training, regardless your style of excercise, and remember, the Pulzit team is always here to help and support you.

Stefan Lövgren

Inventor , CEO and founder Pulzit AB

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