User guide

Pulzit user guide

Congratulations if you now are a proud owner of the Pulzit sports glasses! They will be a good investment as they will help you to benefit more from your training.

So let’s get started.

Your Pulzit kit contains following items :

1 Pulzit sport glasses

1 Pulse belt

1 USB charger unit

1 TF card 2GB

1 Cleaning kit

1 Sun glass uv protected

1 Transparent glass

1 Rubber band

1 pcs instruction book (english and swedish)

The first thing to do is to charge you Pulzit glasses for about 4 hours using an usb cable or through a net adaptor. When the battery is fully charged put the TF memory card in and choose which type of glass you like. Choose from shaded glasses for exercising during the day or for exercising during evening/night choose the transparent ones. Strap on the pulse belt and turn the device on and off using the button on the right side.

Put on glasses on and you can now see the Pulzit start menu in the optic unit. Adjust the optic unit gently so you can see the screen without getting disturbed by it. By pressing the first button on the left hand side you can choose menu and what data you want to see. Shift by pressing the button until you see the settings menu. Now set your maximum heart rate, date and time to get the right exercise data. Use the middle button to shift numbers and use the last button to move the cursor. When you are happy with the settings just skip to next menu.

You are now good to go. When you start your exercise and press the middle button you will start the stopwatch and your pulse and the duration of your training will be recorded. If you press the middle button again you stop the stopwatch and the recording ends. To reset the stopwatch just press the last button. To transfer the exercise data you connect the usb cable to the glasses and turn the glasses on, then choose “transfer data” in the Pulzit app to transfer the exercise files. Don’t forget to charge your Pulzit glasses so they are ready for next event!

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